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May 9, 2009

Lowe's Build & Grow: Mother's Day Planter

We took DD to Lowe's this morning for the Build & Grow event. When we got there, we ran into Savahanna and her daddy. DD was so excited to see Savahanna that she thought it would be fun to chase her around.

She was having so much fun just running in circles.

DH read up on the instruction as DD ran around.

She just kept on running...

After Savahanna and her daddy left, DD was finally ready to make the planter. She checked out her hammer first.

Then she hammered the table a couple of times to making sure it was working. LOL!

After everything checked out, she hammered away.

This was when I told DD "No running with hammers!" I never thought I would ever utter those words.
Putting the wall of the planter together with her daddy's help.

Then the base.

After she was done with the planter, she picked a plant for it. I helped DD put the soil and plant in. In this photo, she was trying to do the finishing touches.

She could not get the little cards in, so I helped her.

Folding up the little cardboard pieces for DD.

Showing DD where to push the cards in.

All done! Operation Planter was a success!

She was so excited about her little planter, she carried it all the way to the car. Too cute!


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