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May 22, 2009

Katie's 5th birthday party at Aliso Viejo Park

Katie turned 5 today! Woohoo! We went to a park in Aliso Veijo to help her celebrate her big day. It was a brand new park for us so we had a little trouble finding the place, but it was a very nice park and we will be visiting there again for sure ^_^.

As soon as we got there, DD took off running to play with her friends.

DD checking out the new park.

Going down the slide with her friends.

For awhile, DD and Savahanna were attached at the hips. They wanted to do everything together.

Having a great time! Isn't it awesome that the kids can have so much fun at the park!
Instead of opening gifts after lunch and cake, Lara decided to let Katie open her gifts. Katie got lots of gifts and I think she really enjoyed opening them up (not sure if she actually cared what came in the gift bags at all though).

DD hugging her friend :).

There was a moment where both DD and Savahanna were upset because they wanted presents too. Clearly, they don't really understand that you only get to open the gifts if it is YOUR birthday party. Here's DD looking sad because I had to explain to her that she was not getting a gift. LOL!

Everything was good when the pizza came.

Lindsay (Katie's little sister) enjoying her pizza. She is so cute!

If the mess on her face is an indication of how much she enjoyed her meal, I would say that she LOVED the pizza and cookies.

Amber brought these really cool over-sized ants for the kids to play with. DD was in love instantly.

Amber showed DD how to throw the ants in the box, DD did not get it at all. LOL!

DD and Avery having fun going up the slide. Just a few minutes before this, they were fighting. DD cried, Avery cried, there were time-outs and apologies. They sure got over that drama quickly (I guess that's the great thing about being kids).

There's Avery's pretty face :).

Half way through the party, the kids thought that it would be fun to run around in circles.

Kids running around everywhere.

DD also had fun playing with the swing.

Later, it was back to running around (up and down the hill).

It was nice to see how much fun DD was having.

These kids have no fear. They all thought it would be fun to roll down the hill. Except for DD, she did not understand the concept of rolling down the hill. She was rolling across the hill instead. ROFL!

Rolling, rolling, rolling....

Before we left the park, Lara gave DD a goody bag. She got a lollipop, so everything was good in the universe again.
On our way home, DD kept on telling me how much fun she had with her friends. I am so glad she had such a great time, it made all of the awful moments of crying, whining and fussing worth it.


Anonymous said...

Umm...didn't she turn 4 not 5?

Sugar Pop Ribbons said...

No, I am pretty sure she turned 5--because that's what her mommy told me. I am going to guess that her mom knows how old she is. LOL!

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