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May 21, 2009

Irvine Spectrum Water Fountain Playdate

I was going through major withdraws last night from not being able to use my laptop :(. Luckily, Dell sent the box for me to ship my laptop back for repair this morning. I packed up my sad little laptop and sent it on its way an hour ago. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will find its way safe back to me soon.

Since DH is at work right now, I am using his PC to upload photos from yesterday. Yay! (By the way, he warned me as soon as he got home last night that I should use the PC as much as possible during the day so we don't have to fight over his PC.... I seriously think that his addiction to technology is way worth than mine).

Anyhow, here the photos from the playdate yesterday. We met up with our friends at the Irvine Spectrum. While the kids played, the moms socialized (keeping our eyes on them the whole time, of course). We ate lunch there when the kids got hungry. We even got a little shopping done before heading home-- talk about a successful day! If you have not been to the Irvine Spectrum water fountain (in front of the food court, by the movie theater), you must! There is plenty of seating with shades around the fountain for the moms, and the kids simply love playing in the water. Since you are right in front of the food court, you don't even need to pack up the kids to go grab food. Oh, yeah, and the bathroom is only feet away. It's a great place to hang out during those hot summer days.

DD literally spent hours playing in the water fountain. She had a great time playing with her friends (especially with Katie and Savahanna) in the water.

I took these photos right before we went down for our nap. DD naps with me in our bed instead of her crib. Before she falls asleep, I usually read her a story and we goof around a bit by making silly faces or jump up and down on the bed :).


Brianna said...

She definitely looks just like you!!

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