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May 4, 2009

"Fun Today"

We went to the park with our friends today. After a little story time on the grass, we let the kids run around the park.

DD really enjoys going down the slide face down.

DD also likes climbing.

Playing with Jacob's sand toys.

As you can see, she really likes climbing.

Such a dare devil!
After she was done climbing, she decided to just run around the park for fun.

You can see our friends in the background.

She never gets tired of running in circles.

After running non-stop for 5 minutes, she finally took a break.
Then she decided to get on the dolphin (seriously, this girl never stops moving).

Then it was time to try the horse. She tried to get me to ride it too, but I had to explain to her that her mommy was wayyyyy too big to be riding it.

DD telling me to be quiet because rolly polly was sleeping. LOL!

Back to the sandbox looking for rolly pollies.

She did not find any rolly pollies at first, but she found a very pretty leaf.

She was very proud of her leaf.
Finding the pretty leaf led her down the path of picking up sticks and rocks.
Soon enough, she discovered flowers and wanted to pick every single one of them.

You can't see it in the photo, but she was spinning her flower around.
We left the park right before DD picked off all of the flowers. LOL! As we were walking back to the car, DD said to me "Fun today, thank you Mommy." Those were the best words I could hear. I am so glad she had fun at the park today ^_^.
Unrelated to the park playdate, I took a couple of photos after we got home from the park. This is a photo of the seeds DD planted on Earth Day. Look at them grow! It's so exciting! Looks like they are going to be pretty enough to give to DD's grandma for Mother's Day.

Flower from our back Patio. I like how unique looking they are ^_^.


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