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May 28, 2009

Disneyland Wednesday

I took DD to Disneyland yesterday. I was not sure how busy it would be (since this is when the local high schools do their senior trips), but it was actually not too bad. We got there early enough to do Splash Mountain 3 times before the crowd began to pour in.
When we got off the Splash Mountain, DD saw a bunch of characters hanging around. DD wanted to say hello to them, so I agreed to it. I wish I could tell them who they are, but honestly, I just have no idea.
After she said hello to what appeared to be a fox and a bear, we went on Winnie the Pooh ride. She is now big enough to get in and out of the rides without much assistance.

After the ride, we waited in line so she can say hello to Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger. She was so excited about meeting them and hugging them that she refused to look at the camera-- it made taking pictures very hard. Maybe she will be better next year.
This is when Pooh actually turned her around to look at the camera. LOL!
DD giving Pooh a high-five.
She was soooo happy!
Loving Eeyore and of course not looking at the camera, again!
Eeyore was smart enough to turn sideways for me to take a photo.
DD also met Tigger.
DD said something to Tigger. I am not sure what. Maybe something to the effective of "I love you."
Even Tigger had to turn her around to look at the camera. I wonder if this happens all the time.
We spent most of the day at Disneyland, when DD got tired, I took her home for nap time. But before we left, she saw Goofy, so we stopped by to say hello before we left.


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