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May 6, 2009

Disneyland fun-- First time on Splash Mountain for DD!

I took DD to Disneyland today. We got there just when the park opened and it was amazingly quiet (which was awesome)!

Instead of doing our usual routine of doing small rides first, I decided to take her on the big rides . As our first stop, we went on Pirates of Caribbean. See, no one in line at all. We walked right onto the ride.

After going on a couple of rides, we walked passed Splash Mountain and I suddenly realized that DD is actually tall enough for the ride, so I took her on it. I know, I am pretty brave. LOL!

The wait was super short, I think we waited for maybe 2 minutes at the most. This is DD right before her very first Splash Mountain ride.

She loved it! She was somewhat shocked by the huge drop at first, but as soon as it was over, she asked if we could do it again. My little girl has no fear.

It has been so long since I been on the ride, I totally forgot what it looked like on the inside. It was actually really cute.

DD loved every moment of the ride. The animals, the singing and the roller coaster. Oh, what fun!

We ended up going on the Splash Mountain 3 times. There was no wait, so why not?! She could not get enough, and I was happy that she was having a good time ^_^.

I took these photos the second time we were on the ride.

This is the last thing we saw before the ride began a steep push upward in preparation for a huge drop into the water.

Look at how happy she was when I told her we could go again (yeah, 3 splash mountain rides within half hour, wooohooo).

I was pretty much done after the third time, so I told DD that we will go again the next time we visit Disneyland. We walked across the walkway and went on Winnie the Pooh ride.

DD was not particularly excited about the ride, but who can blame her? It was pretty boring compare to Splash Mountain.

After a morning of fun, we stopped for lunch. As usual, we packed our lunch (to save money and time).

We had cheese and chips, soy beans, and carrots. Yum, yum!

After lunch, we took the train that goes around the entire Disneyland park. In one of the sections, there is a dinosaur display. Even though it only lasts for a couple of minutes, DD absolutely loves it, so I made sure we did that today.
DD waiting for the train to come.

Photos of DD on the train.

After seeing her beloved dinosaurs, we went on It's a Small World.

I thought that since it was later in the day, the park would get busy, but it was quiet the whole time we were there. We only waited for a few minutes for the ride.

This is one of DD's favorites on the ride: a purple hippo.

And of course, she also adores Little Mermaid.

As much as I wanted to stay longer for DD (because she was having so much fun), we had to leave around 2 because I was teaching my class tonight. Before we headed out, we got on Snow White just for fun.
You know, for a kid's ride, the witch is pretty scary.

Looks just like a movie set ^_^.

We had a wonderful time at Disneyland today. It could not have been more perfect. The park was quiet, the weather was nice-- not too hot and there was a nice breeze. DD was good and listened well the whole time we were there. It was just all around a great day!


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