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May 19, 2009

Disneyland California Adventure fun

We headed to Disneyland California Adventure on Monday. If it seems like we have been going there a lot, the answer is "yes, we have been there once a week this month." I want to take DD as often as I possibly can before we are blocked out for 2 months in the summer (not that I mind, because I don't want to stand in the hot sun anyhow :P). But another reason is that DD is finally tall enough for a lot of rides there. Her meeting the height requirement has a great impact on the things we are able to do there, and it really feels like we are able to explore another side of Disneyland that we were not able to before).

Because we have been there so many times, DD knows exactly where we are as soon as we pull into the parking lot. She had a big smile on her face before we even get to the park.

Just thinking about going on the rides makes her so happy!


Still smiling! LOL!

Apparently I made a mistake about Soaring. You only need to be 40" tall to be on it (not the 45" I thought, opps!). So I took DD on it. Her very first time on Soaring. Wooohooo! She had a blast and really enjoyed it!

Monday night was my last night of teaching this semester. To celebrate it, I spoiled DD a bit while we were there. I brought her a Mickey Mouse Sword. She picked it herself. I think it's very interesting that she wants to wear dresses and look pretty so she can be a "princess," as she calls it. But she also wants to play with boy toys such as dinosaurs, horses, army men, and swords. Of course, as a feminist, I understand that preferences to objects are largely subjectively chosen by society, so the fact that she wants to wear a dress but playing with a sword is meaningless. If anything, I suppose you can say that she is crossing preconception of gender roles at a young age :).

Mommy and DD at the Jelly ride. This was also DD's first time on this particular ride (40" height requirement). The ride only lasted about 3 minutes, so DD was not as impressed as she was with Splash Mountain. Although I think it will be hard for other rides to top splash mountain.

I also brought her a hat because it was a hot day and I forgot her hat (bad mommy!).

Disneyland was loving us that day because I spent more money than usual.

DD waiting for the Muppet show to start.

This is the waiting room for the Muppet show. It was our first time watching the show, and DD did not think much of it. Actually, I was surprised that she did not try to run out of the door from being so bored. LOL!
After the not so exciting Muppet show, we went on Monsters Inc. DD thought the ride was fun. Personally, I love the movie so I like seeing all of the characters on the ride. I took a bunch of photos from the ride, but I am not posting any comments on them because they are pretty self explanatory (it follows the story line of the film).

Before we headed home, I "REALLY" spoiled DD by buying her some cotton candy. This was the first time DD had cotton candy. Needless to say, She LOVED it! (What kid would not?!). She made a huge mess and had cotton candy all over her face and her hands.


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