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May 3, 2009

Dinosaur Park Playdate & Fun Lunch

We went to park last Wednesday (I am a little behind on updating the blog this week). It was our first time at the Dinosaur park and DD simply loves it.

When we got there, DD spent a lot of time looking for rolly pollies (her new favorite bug).Looking...

Still looking...

Continue looking....

She eventually found a rolly polly, so she moved on to check out the slide.

She loves the slide.

Having fun with our friend Cristy's little boy, Carter.

Back on the slide again.

More slide fun.

In another area of the same park, there are more slides so DD had to try them out too.

Jumping fun.

DD found a lizard and she was very excited about it-- so excited that she scared it away.

DD also enjoyed the swing.

One of the really cute things at the dinosaur park was these embedded dinosaur bones.

She especially likes the sea shells.

I love how cute she looks when she is excited.

The dinosaur park had a lot of things for the kids to do. DD tried the rides too.

It's a baby dinosaur. DD is a bit too big for the ride but she really wanted to be in it.

On the same day (I changed DD's shirt because it got too hot).

More riding fun.
After a couple of hours of fun at the park, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

This is what I had for lunch-- Miso Salmon. It was yummy.
DD can't say no to fries.

She also can't say no to chocolate milk. LOL!

Look at that big smile -- all because of chocolate milk.

Yum, yum...


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