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April 26, 2009

Strawberry Field Fun

When we went to bed last night, I was not so sure about going to the Strawberry Farm this morning. I recently had an accident with my foot and made it worst when I dropped a box of books on it yesterday that I was not sure how well I can walk. However, when I woke up in the morning, I was feeling better, so I made breakfast for us and got DD ready for our trip.

Before leaving the house, I saw that we have little sprouts from the seeds DD planted on Earth day. DD was pretty excited.

A better look at our little sprouts. Yay!

After a late breakfast, we were on our way to the Strawberry Farm. Look at how unhappy these people are. LOL!

I was trying to get DD excited about picking and eating all the strawberries, and she was not at all interested.

Luckily, the food (organic fruits and vetgetables freshly picked from the farm) came and all was good after that. DD got to try some celery, which she thought was yummy.

And then we tried to snap peas and they were delicious. Actually, we like them so much that we ended up buying some at the vegetable stand before leaving the farm.

This was DD's face after she tried the next vegetable. ROFL! Can you guess what it was?

Green Onions! ROFL!

We tried green beans next. She ate several of them (so we brought some at the vetgetable stand too).

She could not get enough of the green beans.

The next thing up was carrots. They were soooo good. We LOVE the carrots.

Yum. Yum.

Enjoying her carrot and wondering what's coming next.

Then we saw strawberries! Onions are grown between the 2 rows of strawberries because it is an organic farm, so onions are grown to prevent pests from eating the strawberries.

DD was getting pretty excited upon seeing the strawberries from our wagon.

From our wagon, we walked about 100 feet to pick strawberries.

DH tried to show DD how to pick strawberries properly.

DD had a hard time trying to break the strawberry stem off without pulling out the etire plant. DH decided to pick her strawberries for her, and DD was happy with her daddy's help.

DD waiting for her daddy to fill up her container.

She could not wait for her container to be filled to the top.

After the container was filled to the top, DD was happy and she was ready to try some strawberries.

She loved eating the strawberries.

She could not get enough.

I thought this was a pretty good indication that she was having a great time.
After we were done filling our containers and our tummies with strawberries, we walked back to the wagon to get back. Shortly after this photo was taken, DD fell and spilled about 1/3 of her strawberries. She was in such a good mood from eating all of the strawberries, she picked herself right up without any tears.

DH was a huge help today. He even cleaned up DD when we got back onto the wagon.

After DH cleaned up DD, she said to us, " I had FUN." She then screamed with happiness. It was adorable!

She wanted to make sure we understood how much fun she had, so she told us, "Fun today. I am Happy!" It was too cute!

She refused to let go of her strawberries the entire way home. She did ended up eating the entire container of strawberries after we got home.
We had such a wonderful time at the strawberry farm. We are very lucky to be able to afford this sort of thing ^_^.


Stephanie said...

It looks like she had a great time! That's Tanaka right? We're going next week.

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