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April 24, 2009

Playdate at the park

We went to the park for a playdate today. DD had a lot of fun running around.

Someone brought their dog to the park, and it was love at first sight for DD. She spent a lot of time playing with the dog.

After she was done playing with the dog, DD spent some time killing ants (not on purpose). She was catching them, but she did not understand that when she picks them up with her little fingers, she kills them. *sigh*

She also had a lot of fun catching lady bugs. In this photo, she was holding a lady bug.

DD also kept her lady bag in a sand bucket, so I thought I would share the photo :).

We had planned to do some cookie decoration at the park, but DD was having disciplinary issues so we left the park early (she ran away from me as I was trying to speak to her, and she refused to come to me when I called for her because she was too busy playing with her lady bugs). Anyhow because we left early, she did not get to decorate cookies.
You know how it is, you can't reward bad behavior.


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