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April 1, 2009

Ice cream playdate-- Yum yum!

FedEx dropped the ice cream off yesterday afternoon. I was home for the delivery and the FedEx guy made a comment about how it must be some yummy ice cream in the box for me to buy it & have it shipped to me. Little did he know, it was the ice cream party I won.

Here's the box. It came with supplies for the party.
And the ice creams of course. It was hard to stop DH from eating them last night. LOL!

The mommies and kids came over for the ice cream playdate today. After the kids played and had lunch, we enjoyed some tasty ice cream. Well, I think the kids enjoyed the ice cream more than we did. ROFL!

Nancy wanted a scoop of everything. But, Leila ended up finished all of her mommy's ice cream.

Cameron was loving his ice cream too. How cute!

Leila being silly with her ice cream.
A moment of chaos while all of the moms critique the ice cream and the kids going wild because of the ice cream. LOL!

Sorry, there is no photo of DD enjoying her ice cream. She finished it too quickly for me to take a photo of her. She did make a huge mess of herself and I had to give her a bath as soon as the playdate was over. I thought that no picture was better than a picture of her covered in ice cream and juice. Icky!


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