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April 11, 2009

Fun Friday at the Bubble Fest

I took DD to the Bubble Fest at the Discovery Science Center on Friday. The day did not start well. We were running late and I was rushing to push DD in her stroller into the center. DD saw the bubbles in the parking lot, got really excited and tried to get out of her moving stroller. When she got up, she took a nosedive. Her face met the cement ground more intimately than she would have like, I am sure. Poor DD was bleeding from her gum, nose and lips (there's a nice imprint of the cement above her lips now). I held her and comforted her. After cleaning her up, I had to do my mommy's duty and told her not get up from a moving stroller. At the same time, I was feeling quiet guilty for not strapping her in. When that little drama was all done with, we managed to get into the Bubble Fest show on time.

We were not allow to take photos of the show, so there is no photos I can share. However, DD had a wonderful time watching the bubbles being made. At the end of the show, they filled the entire room with bubbles and the kids went wild! DD was trying to catch as many bubbles as she can, it was adorable!
After the show, we went outside so that she could make her own bubbles.
I love that she was trying to blow the bubbles.
Huge bubble!
She could not get enough bubbles!
After the bubble fun, DD played inside of Discovery Science Center for awhile before we headed out to Fashion Island. We went shopping at Baby Style (one of my favorite stores) where I picked up a few things for DD. Following our little shopping trip, we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. The food was fantastic and the service was excellent. DD ate all of her lunch and we had a very pleasant meal. Even though the day started out rough, but it ended on a perfect note.


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