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April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Earlier this week, we did a Easter Egg Hunt at the park for the kids. Before the event, the kids ran around the park and had a blast.
DD and Leila playing softball. Of course DD never managed to hit a single ball, but it was still very cute.
Then the kids decided to look for treasures in the bushes.
We tried to get a photo of the kids together, and that was a complete diaster. Here's take 1.
Take 2. LOL!
We finally just gave up with the group photo and let the kids look for eggs. Between the couple of moms who brought eggs, we had about 150 eggs. We thought that it would take a while for the kids to pick up the eggs. Boy, were we wrong! In less than 5 minutes, all of the eggs were gone.
DD was having a lot of fun picking them up.
All of the moms tried to take photos of their kids while the kids picked their eggs.
DD tried to pick up as many eggs as she could.
Then she realized that all of the eggs were gone.
Immediately afer the kids realized that there wasn't anymore eggs left, they all sat down and opened up their eggs.
What treasures did we have in the eggs?
They were filled with candy?! The kids were amazingly quiet for sometime as they enjoyed their candy.
The kids were pretty excited about the candy that were in the eggs (excitment in silence, LOL).

It was a good thing we fed the kids lunch before doing the Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had a great time, and the moms agreed that it was wonderful to watch their kids having so much fun too.


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