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April 22, 2009

Earth Day is fun!

We had a great day celebrating Earth Day today. After DD woke up this morning, we went to the Disney store and got our free water bottles, and then we headed over to the park for a Earth Day playdate.

Here is a photo of our friends at the park crafting and eating cupcakes :).

Pretty cupcakes Julie made.

Hanging out and having fun with other mommies and kids.

To celebrate Earth day, we decided to pot some seeds. Julie brought some dirt for everyone & Juniper and I brought seeds. This is a photo of DD getting ready for some dirt digging.

DD putting the dirts in her little pot. So cute!

DD taking the seeds from my hand to plant them in the pot.

Juniper and Jacob watering their pots.
Meanwhile DD gave up on her planting and decided to play instead.

Luckily she decided to come back and water her pots to get them ready.

She could not stop watering, so she watered Jacob's pot too.

And more watering, LOL!

After she was done with her watering, DD decided to play ball with Sebastian. I love how well they played together!

After she got tired of playing ball, she went back to watering. It was a good thing that Michelle just finshed helping Caden with his pots, so DD had more seeds to water.

Then back to playing again.

Before heading home, the kids decided that it would be fun to all run across the field and play with the net. ROFL! They are just to darn cute.

As you can see from the photos, DD had a blast running around and doing different things every 5 minutes. LOL! We had a wonderful time hanging out with our friends and celebrate Earth Day with them. Oh, and Norma (Sebastian's mommy) won the Werther's Original Caramel Chocolate Comfort House Party and kindly gave us 4 bags of chocolate. Yummy!


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