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April 11, 2009

Busy Saturday

This morning, DH and I took DD to Lowe's for their Build & Grow event. Today DD made a birdhouse.

DH got the materials ready for DD.
DD tried to put the house together without daddy's help.

While she was waiting for her daddy to read the instruction, she ran around in circles. I took this photo of her as she was running passing me.

Still running...

And running (daddy sure was taking a long time reading the instructions)....

Yay, time to put the pieces together.

DD had lots of fun hammering.

DD admiring her birdhouse. We were matching today, Hehhehehe :).

After Lowe's, we went to Costco for lunch and we also did a little grocery shopping there too. Where we were waiting for daddy to buy the food, DD continued to run around creating chaos.

The girl could not stop moving.

After lunch and shopping, we headed home. We relaxed for a bit, and then I put DD to work. She used her new eco-friendly rock crayons to make birthday cards for her aunt Diana and great-aunt-in-law Mary Ellen (who is turning 78).

DD really liked her new crayons and I love them too because they are the prefect size for her little hands.

Showing off her works of art (these cards can be purchased on Stubby Pencil Studio). The company was nice enough to send us a couple to try out when we brought the rock crayons. I have to say that I was impressed. The cards are really good quality and the designs are super cute. (They were a huge hit at the party Mary Ellen and Diana opened their cards).

Since I already made gifts for my sister in law, all I needed to do this afternoon was to make something for Mary Ellen. I decided to make her some oven mitts (no surprise there, LOL!). I did not realized that the fabrics I have were not exactly appropriate for someone as old as Mary-Ellen. These are pretty boring oven mitts, but I am hoping that they will be suitable to her taste.
This is what the inside of the oven mitts look like. I know it's sort of hard to see, but I lined the inside with strawberry print flannel fabric so they are super soft on the inside ^_^.
After all of the work we did, it was time for nap. I asked DD to clean up her mess and she refused. She did not want to clean up her mess and she did not want to nap either. She insisted on staying up to play. She made herself so upset that she threw up all over the bathroom carpet. Luckily, DH was home to help me clean up. I first cleaned up DD and sent her to my bed. Between the 2 of us, it took about 30 minutes to clean up the carpet. While we were cleaning up, DD fell asleep in my bed. She was so exhausted from the drama, she napped for 3 hours. Yeah... that was fun... not!


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