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April 16, 2009

Busy, busy, busy....

Yesterday I took DD to the Beach Pitt in Cost Mesa for lunch yesterday. We were meeting our friend Desiree and her little girl Reese. It was our first time there so normally I would have taken a lot of photos to share. However, it was incredibly windy yesterday. We were trying to keeping our eyes on the kids while we chat and eat lunch, so I totally forgot to take photo. We had a blast, but there are no photos to share :(.

When we came home, I finally put my initials on the new cooler/lunch bag I brought from Old Navy a couple of days ago. I decided to pick it up because it is much larger than the lunch bag I have been using. Normally I pack some much lunch for DD and myself that I need to take 2 lunch bags. With this new bag, I only need to carry one for our visits to the park and Disneyland. DD had preschool today. I planned to just relax and hang out at home while DD was at school, but I ended up cleaning the kitchen while she was away. At noon, I picked her up and took her to the mall for the Kidgit event. Here's DD coloring her tool box.
Hanging out and drinking her water.
Playing games with other kids.
Afterward the Kidgit event, we stopped by the Disney store to see if they have any good sales. DD was drawn by the displays.


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