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April 13, 2009

Another busy but fun day

We knew today was going to be an exciting day when we woke up this morning and found DD like this. She had somehow gotten out of her crib and got on top of her toy box. When we opened her bedroom door, she was screaming for her daddy to get her off the toy box. ROFL!
After I got DD dressed, we went to the park by Juniper's house.

This was our first time at this particular park. It turned out to be a very nice day to visit the park. DD, being the adventurous girl she is, enjoyed exploring every part of this new park.
She also wanted to pull herself up by a rope.
She tried, but failed....
A girl without any fears.

Of course, you can't visit the park without going down the slide (over and over again).
There she goes again...
There are a few interesting structures at the park for the kids to play.
After running around the entire park, we settled down a bit for the kids to blow bubbles. You can see Juniper, Elyse and their kids James & Jacob in the photo.After playing at the park for 2 hours, we left to have lunch. I took DD to Burger King for lunch. I haven't been there for ages. When I took my first bite of lunch, I remembered why I haven't been there for ages. Yeah, I will not be back there again anytime soon.
Following our quiet little lunch, I took DD to Old Navy (had a coupon for 20% off plus a free eco-friendly shopping bag). I got my free eco-friendly shopping bag, of course. I also got a large tote style cooler-- I will take a photo of that and post it later.
All in all, it has been a rather nice day so far :).


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