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March 21, 2009

Goals for today

I spent a couple of hours sorting out DD's closet. I gathered up 1 bag of clothes she outgrew and gave them to Debra today. There's more clothes I need to sort out, but because the weather is so unstable, I can't give her winter clothes away just yet.

I am also going to Toys R Us this afternoon to pick up Leila's birthday gift (she is turning 4). I already made part of her birthday gift (I am not posting photos here because I don't want to give anything away). I know what I am going to buy for her to add to her birthday gift bag, so I am going to head there with DD this afternoon to pick it up ^_^.

My other goal for today is actually looking for some nice chicken or rooster embroidery designs for my mother in law. I would like to make her something nice for her birthday (coming up in a few months-- I know, I like to plan ahead). I usually look for free designs that I can download onto my embroidery machine memory card, but if I can find some nice ones, I will be willing to pay for them. Wish me luck!


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