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March 18, 2009

Depression Era Cooking-- good for you and your pocketbook

I love this old lady. There are several videos of her cooking on youtube. Besides cooking the yummy food (which are simple and easy), she tells stories about growing up in the depression era.

I like her videos. She is a very sweet old lady, and her receipes are easy to follow, simple and cheap to make. I made the eggs with pepper for dinner one night (made my own bread to go with it, using my own receipe), and it turned out great. DH was shocked by how simple the meal looked but how tasty it was. DD ate her plate clean.

Here's the video. The only thing I did differently was that I used red and orange peppers instead of green peppers.


Debbie Beedge said...

Her name is Clara and I LOVE her baked apples recipe. Cinnamon, butter, sugar, YUM! I used to make that recipe with my roomie who had celiac disease.

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