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February 15, 2009

Shopping for a new sewing machine

Yesterday, I went to Moore's by my house where they sell sewing machines. I was interested in a Brother SE350, which runs about $400. But, before buying anything online, I wanted to check it out in person at Moore's. It was slightly cheaper at Moore's than on other web stores, but unless I was totally in love, I was going to wait to buy it online. Anyhow, I asked for some assistance, and their sale's person recommended a machine that was $7000. Yeah, I kid you not. I was annoyed, instead of helping me with the machine I was interested in (which she actually called a "toy") she was trying to push for a machine that's $7000!!!

She claimed that the one I was interested in was too small and it's just full of problems. From my research online, I learned that it has been getting great reviews from many websites. Also, it being small is an advantage, because we live in an condo, I don't need anything huge. Certainly not one that is as big as the one she recommended.

I could not see myself buying a $7000 machine and I told the sale's person that it was not in my budget to buy something so nice. As much as I love sewing and making things, I am not a professional and I can't justify buying something so outrageously priced. The woman goes to on say that many people who used to own this $7000 machines have upgraded to a new brother's machine that's $12,000. All I could thinking about is that they actually have something that costs as much as a car. Geeze!

I think it's great that in this economy someone can afford such an expensive machine, but it is out of my price range and I simply don't have room for it. I can name more cons than pros in having a thing like that. Meanwhile, the woman was not able to help me which what I really wanted to check out. She was more interested in pushing an expensive item on me. (This must be how men go out to buy a $500 TV and come home with one that's $2000).

BTW, I am totally stressed about buying a sewing machine. I have the following fears:

1. Spending too much money on a machine with more features than I need

2. Buying something that does not have enough features

3. Machine works great but breaks in a few months

4. I actully get tired of sewing (since I owned the last one for 12 years, I don't really see this happening, although it is still a fear of mine).

5. Spending more money than I should on a machine. I know I already kind of said this. But it is a lot of money to spend at once.....


I, er....Hi. I'm Rayleen. said...

And here I was just going to recommend one of those cheap machines they have at WalMart, Target, Joanns or Michaels. :) I don't know what your price range is in but if it was me, I'd go to whichever store you want to buy from, write down the names of the machines they have, then go online and look at the reviews on Amazon.

Good luck, hope you find something you enjoy at a good price!

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