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February 15, 2009

Lowe's Build and Grow: Valentine's Jewelry Box

After dropping my car off for service yesterday morning, we took DD to Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic (free to the public, we have been doing this for months now, and we totally love it) to build a Valentine's Day Jewelry box. DD was making this for her grandma.

Because we got there a little early, DH pushed DD around in their car-shopping cart. DD was loving it.

DH helped DD open up the package. DD looks so cute in her Lowe's apron.

After doing this monthly since December, she has gotten very good at using the hammer.

She is still too young to read the instruction on her own, of course. So, her daddy has to put the pieces together for her.

Daddy then hammers it a couple of time to get the nails half way in.

DD then finishes the job by hammering the nails all the way in. DH and DD makes a great team (I am sure Grandma will appreciate the jewelry box made by her son and her granddaughter ^_^).

Debra and her little girl Kaia decided to join us too. She said that she had so much fun doing the project with Kaia, they will be doing this with us again.

Josh and his daddy (Gary) was also there.

After the kids were done building the jewelry boxes, they had a lot of fun just running around. Here's a photo of DD with her bff Savahanna. I did not realized how much shorter Savahanna is in comparison to DD. DD is 2 months younger than Savahanna.

Check this out, this was DD and Savahanna when they were about 18 months old. They were about the same height. (Wow, they look so different now. LOL! )


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