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January 19, 2009

What a week...

Not such a great week in our family. DD has been sick over a week now, and of course, she passed her cold to me. I ended up getting really sick on last Friday and lost my voice completely. I was so glad that today (Monday) is a holiday because there is no way I could teach my class without a voice. DH had to deal with DD and I the whole weekend. We have been sick and also cranky & we gave him lots of attitude. Poor daddy!

Oh, yeah. DH hurt him hand Friday night and so he can't use his hand at all, which also means that he can't play his beloved online games. He was very sad. Then on Sunday morning, while I was cooking I dropped a cup on my toe and I was bleeding after that.

Yeah, this past week has been a week of sickness and minor disasters for us. Glad we are starting a new week. Pheeeww!


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