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December 13, 2008

Melissa & Doug Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse

DD loves playing with little dolls and doll houses. Sometimes I would take her to the Pottery Barn store so she can play with the toys there (of course, we almost never buy anything there). DD was particularly in love with a doll house there. It was on sale for $199 marked down from $299. As much as I would have loved to get the doll house for her, I knew it would be hard to convince DH that we should buy it. Besides, even at the sale price of $199, it was too expensive for us to purchase. It did not even come with dolls, so by the time we buy all of the little pieces for it, I imagined it would have been close to $300 at Pottery Barn. Yeah, so that was not going to happen for sure.

Then I saw that Amazon.com had this doll house on sale. It was orginally $159.99, but it is on sale for $47.99. Since I am purchasing it through Amazon.com, there is no tax and no S&H. Woooohoooo!

We are still sticking to the rule that she is getting 1 christmas gift from us. So we are going to save this doll house for her birthday in March. This will be the 1 and only gift she receives from us for her birthday. I am super happy that we were able to find something that she will totally love on sale now.

Amazon.com Review
With its all-wood construction and handcrafted style, the Melissa and Doug Multi-level Wooden Dollhouse offers long-lasting, superior quality that has the potential to last for generations. This charming house comes complete with a family of five, folk-art style dolls and 19 pieces of all-wood furniture. Recommended for children ages three and up, this classic, timeless dollhouse encourages hours of imaginative fun.
This dollhouse has all-wood construction and handcrafted style.
Kids love playing with 19 pieces of furniture in five different rooms.
The completed dollhouse sports a cheery exterior with lavender and pink detailing. Its handcrafted, hand-painted appearance and all-wood construction give it a charming and timeless feel. Five working doors, lattice-style windows, and two balconies provide charming finishing touches. Turn the house around to view its five spacious rooms on three floors. Two wooden staircases connect the floors; they're movable and removable, which gives the house's configuration added versatility.
The house measures 24.5 x 28 x 15.5 inches when assembled.

Delightful, Imaginative Accessories
The dollhouse's five rooms are furnished with plenty of all-wood, hand-painted furniture: a living room set, complete with sofa, ottoman, coffee table, and two easy chairs; a kitchen counter and stovetop unit; a dining table with 4 dining chairs; a bedroom set including a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a cabinet, and an armoire; and a bathroom set with a bathtub, sink, and toilet. With working cabinet doors, softly rounded edges, and pink and lavender details, the furniture construction is charming, durable, and safe.
The dolls themselves -- a mother, father, two children, and an infant Ealso echo the house's folksy, handcrafted quality. They're simple, functional, and durable, with their wooden heads, hands, and wide clog-shaped feet, sweet, painted on smiley faces, glued-on yarn hair, and real cloth clothes. The limbs are bendable, so you can position the dolls to sit perfectly in the dining chairs, on the sofa, and even on the little hand-painted toilet. A few minor drawbacks: the real cloth outfits cannot be removed, to the disappointment of our young child tester; and although they'll definitely stand up to the play of young children, their yarn hair and twistable limbs might not last as long as the house and furniture will.


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