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December 24, 2008

DD has the stomach flu

Poor DD has the stomach flu. She woke up yesterday morning and threw up all over her crib. Her beloved Elmo and Bear were covered in her throw up. Luckily DH was home (he did not have to go to work because he is on vacation). DH cleaned up the crib while I gave DD a bath. She was pretty upset about taking a bath first thing in the morning. She cried through out the entire bath. Although she had an upset tummy, she refused to eat breakfast and wanted only milk. She also refused to eat lunch.

She had a good nap in the afternoon. By dinner time, she was feeling ok enough to eat a couple bites of rice and drank 2 glasses of water. She had the funny poop all day and I could tell she was not feeling well.

I am hoping that she will feel better soon because this is not a good way to celebrate Christmas. Poor baby!


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