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November 14, 2008

Michael's, what do you mean my daughter is not a customer?

I took DD to Michael's today to pick up a few things. The truth is that for more than half year now, I will only buy things there when they are on clearance or if I have a coupon. If I need a large quantity of something, I just buy them slowly. It might take me a month of get 4 sets of crayons, but really, you can't beat buying them at 50% off.

Anyhow, Michael's has a bunch of baking stuff in their stores now. You know, like gingerbread house kit, baking sheets, cookie molds and other cute Christmas stuff. I have been buying the new Christmas stuff using my Michael's coupons and I always ask the cashier to do 2 transactions so I can use 2 coupons on the same day. Sometimes they get all annoyed and they would said something like , "the rule is that it's only 1 coupon per customer." This is when I would point to my daughter and state that she is a customer too. Today, though, this girl told me that my DD was not a customer. And I looked at her and said, "what are you trying to say, she is not a person?" Of course, she avoid the question all together, and she said, "well, you can't pay with the same credit card." I told her that it was fine and I would pay cash for my second purchase, but she still did not want to do it. She said she would ask her manager and of course, the manager said "yes" right away and gave us the discounts. Meanwhile, the girl was giving us dirty looks -- just because I want to use 2 coupons. As far as I am concerned, my DD is a customer too. Heck, more than half the stuff I buy there are craft supplies for the kids.

I am just waiting for the day that the cashier tells someone their kid is not a real person who can make purchases-- that is totally a law suit waiting to happen. I mean, really, you never want to tell a mother that ther child is not a real person who can make purchases when they are old enough to hand you the money and ask for buy things in the store.


Anyhow, in the end, I got to use my coupon even though the cashier gave me an attitude about it. The coupon saved me an additional $6. So there! :P


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