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November 20, 2008

Gift giving

My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. DH asked me what I wanted and after a lot of thinking, I asked for a new set of pots and pans. Well, I guess it is not a new set, since I have never owned a set before. I just buy pans and pots in pieces either at the Chinese supermarket, Target or Ross. I have 1 frying pan and 3 pots. Yeah, pretty sad huh? Anyhow, since I do so much cooking at home now (in comparison to the life before DD), I thought it would be nice to finally own an actual set of pots and pans. I did a lot of search and settled on a 20 piece set for $150 (it was on clearance for 50% off). Now I am pretty excited about getting this and I was telling my friends about it. A couple of them laughed at me and told me that if that's what they got for their birthdays they would have chew their husband out for it.

This made me wonder what was so bad about getting the pots and pans? It's something I need and would like to have. The pots and pans would make cooking easier for me and in turn it would benefit the whole family. A friend commented that I should have asked for jewelery. I don't wear any jewelery (well, except for my watch) so it does not make any sense for me to ask for something I would not wear. I suppose I could have asked for a purse (I do have a weakness for Louis Vuitton purses), but I rather save that money for DD's college fund or toward retirement.

In the end, I think it's better to give a gift that everyone can enjoy or someone can get a lot of use out of it than a luxury item that a person does not need. It seems some people use the holiday season as an excuse and overspend on things they don't need. Being frugal should be a year long deal, not something to take break from during the holiday season. Just my 2 cents :).


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