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November 18, 2008

Disneyland today

Took DD to Disneyland today. I did not bring my camera (since we been there so many times) but I really regretted it today. They had Christmas decorations up so the park looks very nice. DD was very excited about the Christmas tree.

We went on the Toy Story (Buzz) ride and it broke down while we were on it. DD handled it really well despite the long wait to get off the broken ride and the long wait to be walked out by cast members. On our way out, they gave us a fast pass. We walked over to the Nemo ride to use it. The Nemo ride wasn't bad, really-- maybe a 10 minutes wait instead of the typical half hour wait. We used our fast pass though so we did not have to wait at all. DD kept on screaming "Nemo" and "Dore" throughout the entire ride. Yeah, someone was just a bit excited about the Nemo ride. LOL!

Overall, we had a great time there. The park was pretty quiet so we did not have to wait long for most of the rides. I packed lunch for us so we were able to save some money on food :).


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