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November 30, 2008

Christmas gifts for DD

We decided that we will only do 1 Christmas gift for DD this year (just like last year). We brought her a doll and we really hope she will like it. Her grandparents, aunt, uncle-in-law, great aunt and great great aunt decided to pitch in all of their money together for DD. My mother in law wrote me a $150 check and told me to pick up some gifts for DD with the money.

Instead of spoiling her with tons of toys that she does not need, I decided to use the gift cards we got and brought her a Dora scooter (on sale for $19.99), as well as a set of Elmo protective gear for when she plays with her scooter ($24.99). The gift cards we got basically covered everything I brought for DD, so I ended up paying $0. They will be gifts from the rest of the family. This way, she gets 1 gift from us, and 1 gift from them.

She is not showing too much interest in dolls right now. But we hope she will like what we picked out for her. If she does not like it, it will go into storage until she is a little older. As for the Scooter, we know she will love it because she has been playing with Cheyenne's scooter at my friend Ruohmei's house. She is really into it, so we think she is ready for it.

The $150 check I got-- I am going to deposit the money into DD's saving's account. Hopefully, one day, the money will help her with her first car or toward her first home.


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